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Managing the data you need is one of the biggest challenges you face. The VPD Product Suite will help you retrieve, reconcile, store, enhance and distribute your data through a task driven workflow, giving you full control and transparency.

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VPD has been a leading provider of highly specialised software and know-how for the financial sector for over 20 years. We specialise in solutions for asset management, risk management and performance management. Our specialised staff has developed, implemented and supported technically advanced products in close collaboration with the world’s leading financial institutions.

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VPD is managed service provider (MSP) offering a wide range of services related to our software suite VPD Risk & Performance. The service level is tailored to your needs; we handle everything from system hosting to a full managed services including set up, implementation, report production and management of your daily workflow.

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    • VPD Risk & Performance Release 12.0

      VPD is pleased to announce the release of VPD Risk & Performance 12.0 and VPD Web Portal 6.0, combining new features requested by our clients and enhancements in response to changing market needs.

    • VPD Risk & Performance Release 11.8

      Continuing our agile development cycle, VPD is pleased to announce the release of VPD Risk & Performance 11.8 with VPD Web Portal release 5.8. These combine new features requested by our clients, with input from auditors and our various partners.

    • VPD at PMAR 2017

      VPD will be exhibiting at the PMAR Europe Conference in London, June 14th-15th, 2017

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