VPD Professional Services


VPD has been a leading provider of highly specialised software and know-how for the financial sector for over 20 years.We specialise in software solutions for asset management, risk management and performance management and make them available as products, solutions and services.

Our specialised staff has developed, implemented and supported technically advanced products in close collaboration with the world’s leading financial institutions.

With offices in London and Stockholm, you can also benefit from our expertise through business consulting and development consulting.

We can support you through requirements, procurement and selection processes, as well as studies covering GIPS®, performance, attribution, risk and regulations

Implementation Services

Installing a product is fairly simple – implementing it to represent historic data, support future requirements, and match the business processes in an optimal way, may however be both time consuming and difficult.

Assigning a VPD Consultant for the task you will have professional assistance from a business analyst having vast IT skills, specific experience from the product to be implemented, but above all with best practice expertise and broad experience gained from the asset management industry and the financial markets.

We have specific experience from implementing the systems: VPD Risk & Performance, SimCorp Dimension, Thomson Portia, Advent Moxy, Charles River and various products from Reuters, Bloomberg and MSCI Barra.

Implementation Services

Managed Services

VPD Managed Services is designed so you can benefit from our solutions without the worry of system maintenance, managing processes, data controls or pressing deadlines. The service is tailored to your needs; we can handle everything from system hosting to a fully managed workflow in a secure, client specific environment.

VPD also offers a report only service whereby the client provides us with the data via secure ftp, and our Managed Services team will produce and deliver predefined of customised reports

Managed Services

Data Management
Data Reconciliation
Benchmark Master

- VPD manage your multiple data feeds and storage

- VPD will research anomalies and errors direct with your providers

- VPD archive data, notes and a full autid log of modifcations

Performance Attribution

- VPD calculate performance and attribution, for both equities and bonds, in line with your methodology and models

- VPD generate and distribute the results and reports your clients need

Regulatory Reporting
Client Reporting
Executive Reporting

- VPD will manage the data, calculations, alerts and produce the necessary reports for your filing, covering UCITS, AIFMD, EMIR and more

- VPD will archive all your compliant data and reports for your records


Business Consulting

VPD and our consultants are experts in many aspects of the financial markets, and the functions and processes of the market participants, both on buy and sell side, with a special focus on Asset Management organisations.

Our competence covers processes and business flow in fund management, hedge funds, private clients and institutional client sales and management. Our focus area is risk and performance measurement, attribution and related analysis and processes.

VPD’s Asset Management business expertise is combined with a general competence in Financial Markets spanning order management, trading, valuation, risk management, risk models, risk measurement, risk attribution, risk processes, performance measurement, performance attribution and the processes in Front-, Mid- and Back office operations.

The roles assigned to our consultants are often Project Manager or Business Analyst. VPD can either complement an existing project team, or provide a complete project.

The typical VPD consultant has profound theoretical education, deep understanding of mathematics, and a robust know-how in IT and Financial Markets and vast experience from the asset management business.

Special competence areas: MiFID, GIPS, Risk Models, Attribution Models, Performance Measurement, Compliance, Client Reporting, and Quantitative Analytics applied to various markets and segments.

System Expertise: VPD Risk & Performance, SimCorp Dimension, Thomson Portia, Advent Moxy, Charles River and various products from Reuters, Bloomberg and MSCI Barra.

Business Consulting