VPD Data Solutions

Managing the data you need is one of the biggest challenges you face. The VPD Data Solutions will help you retrieve, reconcile, store, enhance and distribute your data through a task driven workflow, giving you full control and transparency.

The VPD Market Data Centre , at the heart of VPD Risk & Performance, provides a number of solutions:

  • A highly flexible data hub and data warehouse
  • Vendor price management, timed to suit your needs
  • Set pricing rules and filters to ensure accurate, consistent data
  • Multiple data feeds to store and compare all your static and series data, historically
  • A full range of reconciliation tasks, tailored to your requirements
  • Full error and notification management, to alert you of anomalies, real-time
  • Full market data management, calculating customised and blended benchmarks
  • A dashboard view of the fully task driven workflow

The VPD Market Data Centre comprises of 3 key solutions:

Retrieving Data

The VPD Data Management solution is optimal for retrieving data from multiple sources, including external internet sites, databases, and text files, via our custom Vendor Specific Interfaces (VSIs). Our ETL variant can also help format and enhance your data with a fully automated, scheduled, task driven workflow, complete with notification and exception reporting.

  • Management of multiple data feeds; we would link directly to the source (Bloomberg, Merrill Lynch, MSCI, etc.) to extract the data
  • Automated data and source comparison tools, supporting automated selection of best source based on a predefined hierarchy structure
  • Fully automated notification and exception reporting

Storing Data

A Data Warehouse for all static and time series data, and a perfect tool to manage the complete history of your numerous data sources. Scalable and easily expandable, our data model allows for user-defined series, both source and calculated.

  • Multiple data series can be defined at all levels
  • A flexible data model to store a complete history of imported or calculated results

Distributing Data

The VPD Risk & Performance export tasks can “publish” information to a flexible, user-defined export area, which can accessed by the VPD Web Portal, using the results to produce a range of reports, or used to feed any other system.

  • A user-defined export area; you choose the data and format to be exported from the data warehouse
  • Automated export tasks to “publish” the data

Reconciling Data

The VPD Reconciliation Tool allows for validation and cross-checking of data, in line with user defined criteria. This starts with capturing anomalies in the data staging area, before executing your reconciliation routines to compare and contrast the information, filtering out issues for manual approval and modification. The user decides what the rules are, how notifications should be managed, with a dashboard to see what has interrupted the workflow.

The VPD Reconciliation Tool is designed for STP (straight through processing) with an export area to provide the flexibility to output anomalies and issues, in a format ready to re-request from your source.

The aim is to provide our clients with quality assurance and confidence in the areas of data-consistency, NAV-pricing, matching transactions etc. with a fully time-stamped audit log to capture modifications.

  • An import staging area to allow you to view anomalies before committing data to the data warehouse
  • Task driven tool for comparing and contrasting data, in accordance with user defined criteria
  • An Audit Log to capture modifications
  • A user-defined export area for validation issues, making it simple to re-request information
  • A dashboard of the workflow, with email notification

Managing Benchmarks

The costs of market data are rising, and a delivery and formatting service will increase that significantly; VPD offers a low cost alternative to a benchmark delivery service, allowing you to automate the data validation and distribution, giving you control and transparency.

The VPD Benchmark Master allows you to pull market data from the source, comparing and reconciling multiple feeds, customise and blend benchmarks in line with your analysis, and push out the results to feed other systems. VPD already cover the main Index provider feeds through our VPD Index Vendor Specific Interface (Index VSI), and this utility is fully scalable to accommodate additional providers and families.

The VPD Benchmark Master allows you to blend benchmarks based on fixed, floating or hybrid weights, to fully customise them. And as we can manage multiple calculated series, so there is no limit to the number and type of blends you wish to create.

The VPD Benchmark Master can be installed or subscribed to as a VPD Managed Service, whereby we would assist in resolving queries and respond to alerts. The key benefit over other services is that you would not just see the delivered results, but also have full visibility of the source data.

  • VPD Benchmark Master would link directly to the source (Bloomberg, Reuters etc.) and extract the data
  • Automated data and source comparison supporting automated selection of best source based on a predefined hierarchy structure
  • Calculation of customised benchmarks supporting fixed, floating and hybrid weights
  • An export data hub which is easy to integrate with third party systems
  • A fully scalable, future-proof utility, designed to accommodate new feeds and Index families
Data Managament

Reconciling Tool

Benchmark Master

VPD Portfolio Analytics

Accurately calculating performance, knowing which decisions are behind it, representing this accurately while assessing and understanding risks, are all key to controlling your investment process.

VPD Risk & Performance has a layer of portfolio analytics to compliment the VPD Data Solutions, namely:

  • Security level, multi-currency, daily performance calculations
  • Full transaction or buy-and-hold Equity attribution, with a range of models
  • Yield-curve based Fixed Income attribution
  • Classification management for each portfolio to aid Composite construction
  • A full range of GIPS ®-ready reports
  • A VPD Risk Vendor Specific Interface to work alongside your chosen risk provider
  • Complete market data management, calculating customised and blended benchmarks

VPD Portfolio Analytics covers 3 main areas:

VPD Attribution
VPD Composites
VPD Risk

Performance & Attribution

The VPD Attribution module will calculate performance and explain how your investment decisions have influenced both your equities and bonds.

Our multi-currency solution can be full, stock level transaction-based or buy-and-hold depending on your data source, and offers full drill down functionality. VPD Attribution analyses asset allocation, stock selection, interaction and currency effects for Equity attribution and yield curve, carry and spread effects with our Fixed Income Attribution models, which includes derivatives.

The flexible tree structure can analyse from firm level down to portfolio and security level, through to individual transactions, allowing you to fully decompose the risk and performance measures. Flexible data selections allow you to slice and dice the results as you wish, with a dynamic chart window so you can see how the performance has evolved over time.

VPD Attribution allows you to import and edit your yield curve data, to fully customise your bond analysis.

Drill-down, look-through, top-down bottom-up, fully comparative analysis with a wide range of statistics.

  • Security level, multi-currency, daily performance calculations
  • Full transaction or holdings based attribution
  • A range of attribution models including Brinson, Simplified Brinson, Contribution and Yield-curve based Fixed Income attribution
  • Arithmetic and geometric attribution supported at asset class, sector or stock level
  • A yield curve depository to store and customise your yield curve data

Managing your GIPS® requirements

VPD Composites is the perfect tool for complying with Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS® ) easing the maintenance of Composite construction, disclosure and footnote management, while offering statistical analysis and reporting in accordance with the GIPS® guidelines, to assist you in achieving full GIPS® Firm verification.

VPD Composites is fully integrated with the VPD Risk and Performance system, granting the full flexibility of a multi-source daily performance engine, coupled with an extra layer to retrieve and classify portfolios in line with any Composite strategy.

This allows VPD Composites to provide a full suite of GIPS® reports as well as integrating other performance and risk measures for your executive or client reporting needs.

  • Full classification management to aid Composite construction
  • Fee and return calculations with a range of Dietz or True Time Weighted methodologies
  • Blend and switch benchmarks in line with the Portfolio or Composite strategy
  • GIPS Firm maintenance and management of AUM
  • Management of Firm-wide disclosures and footnotes
  • A comprehensive Audit Log to capture modifications

Managing investment risk

With uncertainty across global markets, being able to identify and quantify sources of investment risk, combined with the correct level of reporting for the regulators, is key to managing your business. VPD Risk offers a solution to address this, along with additional data storage and enhancement capabilities, the foundation of VPD Risk & Performance.

At the heart of VPD Risk is the VPD Risk Vendor Specific Interface, the VPD Risk VSI, which seamlessly communicates with MSCI BarraOne, RiskMetrics and the Axioma risk models, through a series of automated, workflow tasks. This allows the user to define specific data to export to the risk engine, passing across additional data for use in calculations if required, and integrating the resultant risk measures for analysis and reporting.

Results and data enhancements can be stored and distributed with VPD Risk offering a full range of regulatory output such as UCITS reporting.

  • Seamlessly communicate with BarraOne, RiskMetrics or Axioma risk models without the need to use import workbooks
  • Assign groups and scenarios to portfolios, defined by user and owner, allowing the user to filter the subset of data to export
  • Submit additional attributes (prices, spreads etc.) for instruments to be incorporated in the risk engine calculations
  • Compare results from the risk engine to the data source, and report against user-defined tolerance levels
  • Access a range of risk reports in accordance with UCITS reporting
  • Organise and schedule tasks within the VPD Risk VSI as part of the client workflow

VPD Reporting

Accurately reporting performance, distributing consistent results to all parties, and satisfying the needs of regulators is an integral part of investment management.

While data distribution presents access issues and risks around re-entering data, regulators have also tightened their requirements. The VPD Reporting solutions can help you manage the entire reporting process.

VPD Reporting offers a simple way for you to distribute your results securely and consistently through data views, which you configure and control. Our extensive reporting covers client reporting, executive reporting, and a range of regulations so you know what to present and how:

  • View, filter and download quality assured data
  • A user-defined export area to ensure consistent results
  • View and extract analytics for risk management, performance and attribution analysis, GIPS ® reporting and client reporting
  • Share your customised data and analytic views
  • Reporting, integration and management of business reporting processes to understanding regulations at every stage
  • No future issues with new regulations as we continually monitor changes in regulations and develop updated functionality
  • Extendable and scalable solutions supporting future expansions, needs and requirements

VPD Reporting is covered by our 2 reporting solutions:

VPD Web Portal

VPD Regulatory Reporting

Reporting and Distributing Results

The VPD Web Portal is your gateway to the vast amounts of quality assured, enriched data and analytics in VPD Risk & Performance, combining Data Views and Reporting for a full range of distribution options.

The VPD Web Portal interface intuitively guides you through customising Data Views, giving you the ability filter the precise risk and performance analytics, along with its underlying data, in alignment with your investment strategy. You can perform ad-hoc analysis within these personalised views, share results with other parties, extract and download data, and link the output directly to other systems.

The VPD Web Portal can also generate Client and Executive level reporting, which is fully customised to what you need. This includes the style, content and distribution options, and the ability to drive these actions via tasks.

VPD have designed the VPD Web Portal to be distributed to your users and all interested parties. You control the Data Views and Reporting options, with each user generating precisely what they need.

  • View, filter and download quality assured data
  • View and extract analytics for risk management, performance and attribution analysis, GIPS® reporting and client reporting
  • Share your customised data and analytic views
  • Perform ad-hoc analysis with the data views
  • Swiftly deploy results to key target groups and systems

Interpreting regulations, monitoring data and reporting results

Today the regulators have tightened their supervision of the financial markets by extending regulations and reporting requirements across every process. This requires you to monitor each stage more closely, resulting in a higher workload and a lot of headaches for firms. The VPD Regulatory Reporting solution combines our software and market expertise to assist your organisation to be compliant with a range of existing and new reporting requirements, including our support for upcoming changes.

VPD Regulatory Reporting spans the whole process from the data management of the source data, through reconciliation and notifications of any breaches, to error reporting and output for the regulating body.

Our VPD Business Consulting services will help you interpret the regulations and translate them into automated tasks in VPD Risk & Performance so you can be confident that the process is correctly monitored and reported.

Furthermore, our VPD Managed Services mean we can host and generate reports, offering you a full service package as an alternative to an installed solution.

  • Methods to ensure data quality by collecting and reconciling data from different sources
  • No future issues with new regulations as we continually monitor changes in regulations and update functionality
  • Reduce operational risk, ease workload and obtain auditable processes by automating your workflows
  • A clear overview of the total cost of regulatory reporting procedure
  • Extendable and scalable solutions supporting future expansions, needs and requirements